Purpose Episode 1: Vocatio—Finding and Doing What Brings You Fully Alive

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“Vocatio” refers to a calling into our life’s work. This is the first episode of an eight-part series that features people from a variety of professions reflecting on their sense of “call,” how they responded to it, and what it means both for them and those they interact with and influence. Explore the ways that finding your “sweet spot” – the work in your life that brings you most fully alive – is a deep spiritual practice with ancient Christian roots, and possibly even an accelerant for the work of the Spirit in our world today. Because this series explores vocatio through the lens of each of the seven “Dark Wood gifts” identified in Dr. Elnes’ book, Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Blessings for Soulful Skeptics (and Other Wanderers), it is a great follow-up to our” Gifts of the Dark Wood” series, or accompaniment to those reading the book. This series stands great on its own, too.


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