Holy Week: Betrayal and Denial

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This poem was inspired by the dramatic betrayal by Judas and denial by Peter.

Betrayal and Denial
Rev. Laurie Blonk Sponaugle  

There is no escaping…
The breath-stealing bite
of the dual edged sword.  

Close enough for eyes to lock,
And wills to soundlessly utter longing
And lament to stab through even the strongest of spirits.  

Witness soul deep betrayal
as heartbeats sync with a kiss…
followed doggedly with fear, varnished in denial.  

Before the verdict is cast in stone
Before the sentence is carried out beam over beam
before the cross is weighted down with love.  

One, Two final thrusts
of the razor sharp blade
gutting the soul.  

As one beloved, steals away from the sacred table,
another scurries behind the mob;
both cloaked in the shadow; intentions exposed by the light.  

Incomprehensible…how lost a soul can get;
How promises uttered with bravado
Can be vanquished by fear  

All fall away, faithfulness forgotten
Like the Savior who stands, drowning,
Weighted down by the twins,
Betrayal and Denial.  

As the cock crows…Taunting
And clawing failure wrenches forth
the guttural sobs, of shattered hearts.


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