Standing with the marginalized, seeking peace and justice

The life that Jesus lived had concrete social and economic implications. To follow Jesus today, Christians are called to stand in solidarity with those who experience oppression and poverty. Christian communities have an obligation to care for those who have been treated unjustly, often in the name of faith. This involves empowering and resourcing them, advocating with them, and removing boundaries to their betterment. Care for peace and justice transcends borders, calling for action on the local, national and global level. Jesus also recognized that poverty is not always material. Many suffer from a spiritual impoverishment that leaves them searching for meaning though wealth, power and status. The path of Jesus involves attention to poverty and injustice in all its forms.
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"This We Affirm connects prophetic leaders to inspiring resources. If you are committed to creating a more just and generous world, the resources you need are here."

“The Long Road to Freedom” by Jacqui Lewis

SERMONS  |  Convergence Network

Dr. Jacqui Lewis is Senior Minister Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village of Manhattan. Middle Church is a dynamic 900-member multiracial, multicultural, inclusive congregation in which everyone is welcome just as they are as they come through the door. Lewis is also the Executive Director of The Middle Project, an institute that prepares ethical leaders for a more just society....

God and Guns

COMMENTARY  |  Convergence Network

Riverside Church in the City of New York, in partnership with Everytown for Gun Safety, hosts "God and Guns: Faith Leaders Address Gun Violence", an intensive training on gun violence for faith leaders. Interview segments include Rev. Rachel Johnson, Rev. Rob Schenck, Lucy McBath, and Abigail Disney (director of the documentary film "Armor Of Light"). Filmed & edited for Manhattan Neighborhood Network....

Commentary on John 4:5-42

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren

John 4 represents the founding narrative for the presence of a considerable number of Samaritans in the Johannine community....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Nomad: A Spirituality For Traveling Light (Book)

OTHER RESOURCES  |  BrandanRobertson

A copy of Brandan Robertson's book "Nomad: A Spirituality For Traveling Light" ...

The Biblical Roots of Islam

SERMONS  |  Dwight Lee Wolter

Genesis 16:1-12, 15; 17:20; 21:1-3, 8-21

A shared sermon conducted with a Muslim physician about Abram, Sarai, Hagar and Ishmael that includes music and other modalities that embraces commonality in a worshipful context.

Breathed to Breathe

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

John 20:19-25

You are loved by God, animated by the very breath of God to carry you through, so that you may breathe life into people and situations where death threatens in myriad forms. 


OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Luke 18



SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Psalm 10

A teaching guide and Resource on violence that had happened in France
Great Questions and How to discuss the Violence. ...

A Hymn After Gun Violence

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm

Isaiah 4:2; 1 John 4:18; James 3:1-12; Micah 6:8; Matthew 25:35

A hymn written after the Orlando mass killings, plus other hymns for reflection on gun violence:

To see the complete resource, click here:

To a Place of Celebration
EBENEZER D ("Why Do Nations Rage Together")

To a place of celebration filled with laughter, dancing, joy,
Came such violent devastation — one man's efforts to destroy.
God, we grieve for loved ones taken; we lament, "What can we do?"
Now, we're feeling lost and shaken; heal our nation! Make us new!
Weapons kill — and so does silence; hear our prayer as we confess:
We have given in to violence, we have bowed to hopelessness.
God, we've lost our sense of vision of a world where there will be
Plowshares made from violent weapons, justice in society.
Give our leade...

What An Activist Wishes Pastors Would Do


A list of ways that pastors can support social justice activism in their communities....

Podcast: Interfaith: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Christopher Columbus

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren

A Podcast on Interfaith dialogue...

Ascension: Why are you Gazing at the Sky

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Acts 1:9-11, Daniel 7:13-14

Ascension: Gazing at the Sky and finding Jesus...


OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

"How can we engage in effective advocacy that creates change? And how can we do so without losing hope? We talked to two experts in the world of social justice and advocacy to find out.
Christena Cleveland is a social psychologist, public theologian, author and professor. She is the first Associate Professor of the Practice of Reconciliation at Duke University’s Divinity School and the author of Disunity in Christ: Uncovering the Hidden Forces that Keep Us Apart. You can learn more about her at
Micky is a perpetual learner, “justice doula”, consultant, facilitator, mama/sister/friend, nonviolence practitioner and contemplative activist living just south of Nashville, TN. After 10 plus years as a mother-baby specialist, trainer and author, she decided to shift back to earlier interests: theology and community development....

Remembering the Poor

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Rev. Barber discusses poverty and cultural treatment of the poor....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists


"Donald Miller and J.J. PetersonMatthew VinesMelissa GreeneStan Mitchell, and Tabitha from GracePointe; Preston Sprinkle; and Ed Gungor join Science Mike and Michael Gungor to share their stories and perspectives on LGBTQ persons and the Church."...

Liberate Part VIII: LGBTQ Liberation

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm


"Joined by author and national activist, Brandan Robertson, this week we dive in to how LGBTQ Liberation Theology adds more goodness to the Good News."...

Bruce Epperly: God, Freedom, and the Fourth of July

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

An Open Letter From Millenial

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Prayer to End Violence

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm

Prayer in a time of turmoil to End Violence...

Standing Against Islamophobia

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Standing for justice and against violence against Muslims...

Justice Training

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

UCC Justice Training and Ways to Support Justice in Your Community...

What the Bible Says About How to Treat Refugees

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

12 passages that discuss how Christians should treat immigrants, refugees and those in need of help, compiled by Jesse Carey, editor at RELEVANT...

Praying and Acting for Peace

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm

John 20:19, Mathew 5:3-10

God Weeps

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Luke 19: 41-44

Living on Prayer and How Peace makes a difference...

Compassion: Karen Armstrong and The Middle Way Podcast

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Compassion Podcast on Interfaith Dialogue: Karen Armstrong...

Public Faith in Action: Miroslav Volf

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Miroslav Volf

Podcasts: Pulpit Fiction sat down with Miroslav Volf over Skype to talk about Public Faith, Politics, Kingdom of God and his book, Public Faith in Action....

Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

A Guide to Faith Leaders for Mental Health issues that may arise. ...

Trump And A Post- Truth World by Ken Wilber

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

The election of Donald Trump is an evolutionary self-correction that has been decades in the making — a backlash against the failure of the leading edge of consciousness (postmodernism and pluralism) to acknowledge the lie underlying the progress they’ve pursued: it’s not equal, it’s not consistent, and it doesn’t make room for everyone. But a new integral force is emerging that can move beyond the narcissism and nihilism of political correctness to offer genuine leadership and move towards a developmental-based wisdom of greater wholeness....

Calvin's Refugees: Remembering Christ as Fugitive

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

The influx of refugees today is both threat and opportunity, but for Christians in North America in particular, the greater threat is that we forget the context from which we came....

Refugee Distress: Do We Think We're Immune to Suffering

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Victor Carmona discusses the experience of Hispanic refugees in detainment centers.  He explains the Christ-like presence within refugee centers....

How White People Gather to Undermine White Supremacy

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Rebecca Todd Peters on the To Do Justice blog discusses the importance of white people understanding their racial privilege and what our responsibility is because of it....

Q & A: Enabling or ???


Brian McLaren discusses compassion and justice....

Justice Episode 1: For the Love of God

COMMENTARY  |  Darkwood Brew

What does the Bible say about God’s love? Who does God love? What is God’s love? How can we love each other because “God first loved us?” This is the first episode in a series that explores the story of God’s love in the Bible, how it relates to how we love each other, especially talking about homosexuality. Darkwood Brew probes this important topic, and this provocative six-session series focuses on God’s love, the Bible, and homosexuality....

No, We Should Not Stop Speaking Out against the Ideology of Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses the need for Christians to stand up to injustice and oppression....

Why Christians Must Love Muslims

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Jack Wellman discusses how hate is unacceptable for Christians, even towards Muslims....

Dear Resistance

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses the importance of speaking for and living out Red Letter Love....

Equality Isn't Fair

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Natalie Ringsmuth discusses the differences between fairness and equality, and calls us to stand up and speak out against injustice....

Turning Cheeks and Punching Nazis



"Turn the other cheek" has been used to perpetuate oppression for years, but when we look at what Jesus was trying to do, we find a radically empowering statement. "

How to Preach When You Are Afraid

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Leah Schade discusses why pastors choose not to preach about controversial topics, and gives ways to move past that fear....

Hear Our Prayer

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

From The Brilliance: 

"This week on The Brilliance Podcast we go behind the song Hear Our Prayer, track 6 on our upcoming album All Is Not Lost.  Special guests Science Mike and Michael Rudzena discuss systems theory, Walter Wink's concept of the powers, calling out and naming systems of fear and oppression, and moving towards love."

Turning Over Tables

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

From The Brilliance:

"This week on The Brilliance Podcast we debut the song Turning Over Tables featuring Charles Jones. We speak with Jon Huckins about peacemaking, immigrants, Islamophobia, Jihad, Pope Francis and engaging with people that we adamantly disagree with."



Rob Bell responds to the Pulse nightclub shooting.  He tackles loving our LGBTQ+ brothers and sister, gun control, and grief....

To My Conservative Christian Friends

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses what it means to be "pro-life."...

How Latin American Liberations Theologians Restore the "Good" in the Good News

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm


"Drawing from the work of Latin American Liberation Theologians, we explore how suffering (as a result of oppression) is the result of poverty, and therefore poverty is an evil force to be opposed."


A Post-Modern Reading of Paul's Letter to the Romans

COMMENTARY  |  Herman Waetjen


An essay that summarizes a subjective and objective reading of Paul's Letter to the Romans.  It combines a hermeneutics of disclosure with the hermeneutics of the correspondence theory of truth....

Arise: A Call to Worship for Activist Congregations

WORSHIP  |  Floyd Thompkins

John 4:23

A Call to worship for congregations who have a social justice profile!...

Gathering Those Driven Away: A Theology of Incarnation (Book Excerpt)

COMMENTARY  |  San Francisco Theological Seminary

Micah 4:6

This book is a powerful expression of Jesus Christ given in the midst of the brokenness and hostilities of this world, as experienced by those who are marginalized and persecuted in contemporary society. Drawing on broader sources in the Christian tradition, Farley maintains the power of Jesus of Nazareth as the expression of the Divine Eros in Wisdom, to break powers of sin, and provide a vision of life, which is an alternative Empire to present ways and where love reigns as norm.

Considered a leading theologian, Wendy Farley has written extensively on women theologians and mystics, religious dialogue, classical texts, contemporary ethical issues, and contemplative practices.P Farley received her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and now teaches at San Francisco Theological Seminary....

Worship Series: Roll Down Justice

WORSHIP  |  Marcia McFee

This non-lectionary Lenten series is inspired by Amos, a prophet whose message is that God calls us to let "justice roll down like waters." Worship without justice is not acceptable, rather our songs must move us to action on behalf of the oppressed. This fully-scripted series utilizes the music of WDS Guest Expert, Mark Miller, and is compatible with Affirmation #6, Justice....

Converging Paths Interview with Imam Jamal Daoudi


Eric Elnes interviews Imam Jamal Daoudi about "God experiences" that continue to shape is personal and professional life.  Imam Daoudi is the spiritual leader of of the American Muslim Institute – the Muslim partner in Omaha, Nebraska's Tri-Faith Initiative (  Imam Jamal was born in Damascus, Syria where, from the age of 12, he attended Abu Nour Islamic Center, under the direction of the eminent scholars of that center. Imam Jamal holds a B.A in English Literature from Damascus University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH.  He came to the U.S. in 1995 and became a U.S. citizen in 2005 – the same year he received the Martin Luther King “Living the Dream” award for peace advocacy.

Converging Paths Interview with Wendy Goldberg


Eric Elnes interviews Wendy Goldberg about "God experiences" that continue to shape her personal and professional life.  Ms. Goldberg is a founding member of Omaha, Nebraska's Tri-Faith Initiative (, where a synagogue, a mosque, and a church are co-locating to a 35-acre Commons in order to move from interfaith dialog to interfaith relationship.  She is also member of Temple Israel (the Tri-Faith’s Jewish partner) and has served on its Board of Trustees, as President of the synagogue, and as Temple Israel’s Program Director.  Wendy currently serves as a project manager for Project Harmony, an organization dedicated to protecting and supporting children and ending child neglect and abuse....

Converging Paths Interview with Ashley Swartz


Eric Elnes interviews Ashley Schwartz, a farmer, grandmother, volunteer firefighter, a Christian, and transgender activist who made her gender transition twenty years ago while continuing to live and farm in her hometown of Malmo, Nebraska. Ashley credits her transition as instrumental in bringing her into closer relationship with God and her community.  In this interview, Ashley shares intimately about her path and the "God experiences" that continue to shape it....

Converging Paths Interview with Floyd Thompkins


Eric Elnes interview's San Francisco Theological Seminary's  Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry, Rev. Floyd Thompkins, about "God experiences" that have shaped his personal and professional life.   Floyd has served as a dean and chaplain at two world-class institutions, Stanford and Princeton universities. There he developed unique, highly effective programs to empower underserved teenage youth and young adults in urban and rural areas. He also led Antioch Baptist Church, the oldest African American Church in San Jose, CA, and was the Education and Administrative Pastor of Covenant Christian Church in Douglas, GA....

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