Engaging ALL people authentically, as creations in the image of God

Following Jesus means welcoming all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, nationality or economic class. This welcome has no qualifiers or strings attached. It includes full participation in the life of Christian community, because every person is made in the divine image. When we separate people into groups and value them accordingly, we live as though some do not bear this image and have strayed from the path of Jesus. To fully bear witness to God’s image, we must recognize the ways in which we have, systematically and individually, treated some as “less than.”
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“The Long Road to Freedom” by Jacqui Lewis

SERMONS  |  Convergence Network

Dr. Jacqui Lewis is Senior Minister Middle Collegiate Church in the East Village of Manhattan. Middle Church is a dynamic 900-member multiracial, multicultural, inclusive congregation in which everyone is welcome just as they are as they come through the door. Lewis is also the Executive Director of The Middle Project, an institute that prepares ethical leaders for a more just society....

God and Guns

COMMENTARY  |  Convergence Network

Riverside Church in the City of New York, in partnership with Everytown for Gun Safety, hosts "God and Guns: Faith Leaders Address Gun Violence", an intensive training on gun violence for faith leaders. Interview segments include Rev. Rachel Johnson, Rev. Rob Schenck, Lucy McBath, and Abigail Disney (director of the documentary film "Armor Of Light"). Filmed & edited for Manhattan Neighborhood Network....

Commentary on John 4:5-42

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren

John 4 represents the founding narrative for the presence of a considerable number of Samaritans in the Johannine community....

Church Health: Butch Odom

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew 4:3-4

Church Health by Butch Odom
Panoramic Views of Faith and Health

Blog on Faith and Health
website now: https://churchhealth.org/church-health-daily-devotionals/
Received original blog from http://www.textweek.com/ ...


COMMENTARY  |  Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer Five Habits of the Heart

Philosophy and Worship by James K. A. Smith

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

The Relational Body

COMMENTARY  |  Søren Lorenzen

Isaiah 40 - 66

This resource is a short analysis on the concept of name in Isa 40-66. It reveals how human beings universally are called by name, given an ultimate narrative and is deemed honorable by sheer existence. Further, it illuminates how human beings are intersubjectively connected and are responsible for each other in our differing proximate contexts....

The Biblical Roots of Islam

SERMONS  |  Dwight Lee Wolter

Genesis 16:1-12, 15; 17:20; 21:1-3, 8-21

A shared sermon conducted with a Muslim physician about Abram, Sarai, Hagar and Ishmael that includes music and other modalities that embraces commonality in a worshipful context.

Jesus and HomoSexuality

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Gen 2:20-25, Romans 1:18-27, 1 Timothy 1:10, Leviticus 18:22 20:13


Think about this statement: Loving, covenanted, same-gender sexual expression can be compatible with being a committed follower of Christ....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Luke 18



The Woman Behind Textweek

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


Faith of a women that made a difference when her son had Autism

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans


Interdependence Day Independence Day

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Deuteronomy 10:17-21; Psalm 145; Hebrews 11:8-16; Matthew 5:43-48


Interdependence Day and Independence Day

Independence Day, let’s also think of it as “Interdependence Day”; a day when we celebrate not only being free from unjust rule but also a day when we commit ourselves anew to extending liberty and justice to everyone who seeks it, without partiality.

Sustaining Hope in the Face of Climate Change

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


Climate Change Video with three different Protestant Churches...


SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Psalm 10


A teaching guide and Resource on violence that had happened in France
Great Questions and How to discuss the Violence. ...

Salt and Light: Living a Faithful Life Podcast

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Mathew 5: 13-20



We take a look at a popular passage that calls for Christians to be “salt and light” in the world. What can we learn about living a faithful life by looking more closely at the nature and use of both salt and light?


On Being — The Equation of Change

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Brian McLaren and Krista Trippett in an On Being conversation on the evolution of Christianity and the meaning of progressive Evangelicalism.

“Let’s go back and look at our faith before it was reduced to a system, before it was reduced to a system of abstractions and beliefs. How can we rediscover our faith as a series of stories and as a series of encounters?” — Brian McLaren

God Needs Women

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans gives a short, compelling argument for the importance of women....

The Bible and Homosexuality: Why I Left College and Spent Two Years Finding Out What the Scriptures Really Say

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew Vines discusses his in depth study of the Bible after he accepts that he is gay.  Accompanied by a video of him speaking at a church in Wichita....

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III speaks out about Marriage Equality

SERMONS  |  Otis Moss III

Rev. Otis Moss III offers rationale for marriage equality on the grounds of justice....

Not Like Me: A one person monologue to use in worship

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


Creative ways to Worship with a Monologue

Not Like Me: A one person dialogue ...

Podcast: Interfaith: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Christopher Columbus

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren


A Podcast on Interfaith dialogue...


OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

From theliturgists.com:

"This episode is all about ableism–the conscious and unconcious ways that people tend to discrimnate against disabled people.
Ginny Owens joined us to talk about her experiences as a blind muscian living and working in Nashville. You can learn more about Ginny and her music at ginnyowens.com.
Heather Avis told us about her children with Down syndrome, and how people respond to them. Her book, The Lucky Few: Finding God's Best in the Most Unlikely Places, comes out March 21, 2017.

Michele in NYC shared her perspective as a queer, intersectional, disabled activist. She invites you to learn more about ableism (and...

Repenting of 'Colorblindness'

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans reflects on white privilege and the negative effects of colorblindness in today's culture....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

From theliturgists.com:

"In this episode, we explore the sexism in the context of culture and the church.
Featuring Austin Channing Brown, Caroline Lee, Christine Chester, Emily Capshaw, Lisa Gungor, and Rev. Sarah Heath."...

The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles, Exhibit D: 'Biblical' Manipulation

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Ephesians 5, Colossians 3 1 Peter 3

Rachel Held Evans reflects on traditional gender roles.  She discusses John Piper's new understanding of gender rolls, and offers her insight against female subordination....

Liberate Part VI: When She Rises

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Proverbs 31

From sojourngrace.com:

"In this compelling message, Kate opens up her heart, mind, and life, to show all of us how the Good News can only be good when all women are lifted up, honored, and seen as full bearers of the image of God. Plus, an incredible moment of declaring "Eshet Chayil, Woman of Valor" over the women of Sojourn."

Racism Runs Deep, Digging Out Takes Time

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Colby Martin reflects on the history of racism and its place in modern American context....

Liberate Part IV: Black Liberation Theology

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

The myth of a post-racial society runs strong. In the fourth installment of our series on Liberation Theology, Colby unpacks what the poets, artists, activists, and theologians of Black Liberation Theology have taught us about the cross. Definitely restoring the “good” in Good News....

Remembering the Poor

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Rev. Barber discusses poverty and cultural treatment of the poor....

Does 1 Corinthians 6:9 condemn gay relationships?

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

1 Corinthians 6:9

Justin Lee discusses the use of the word "arsenokoitai" in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and whether the verse actually condemns committed gay relationships....

Black, Trans, and Included


Acts 8

From abetterstorypodcast.com:

"A short encounter in the desert can revolutionize how we see God, church and others."

Sam Altis discusses the baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch, by Philip, and how it guides us to include those that many have cast out because of their racial or gender identity markers....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

From theliturgists.com:

"Donald Miller and J.J. PetersonMatthew VinesMelissa GreeneStan Mitchell, and Tabitha from GracePointe; Preston Sprinkle; and Ed Gungor join Science Mike and Michael Gungor to share their stories and perspectives on LGBTQ persons and the Church."...

Liberate Part VIII: LGBTQ Liberation

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

From sojourngrace.com:

"Joined by author and national activist, Brandan Robertson, this week we dive in to how LGBTQ Liberation Theology adds more goodness to the Good News."...

But it's not about race...right?

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Rachel Held Evans discusses her reflections on race relations in the wake of Michael Brown's death....

Ask a Womanist Biblical Scholar...

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

From rachelheldevans.com:

"The Reverend Wil Gafney, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas and is an Episcopal priest canonically resident in the Diocese of Pennsylvania and licensed in the Diocese of Fort Worth.  A scholar of prophets, prophecy and prophetic texts in ancient Israel and surrounding cultures specializing in women prophets, she also specializes in womanist and feminist ways of reading scripture. A particular love is the Hebrew language - reading, teaching, studying - and classical rabbinic (Jewish) biblical scholarship. Dr. Gafney is the author of Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel, and the Peoples’ Bible, which she co-edited, available through Fortress Press."...

Black and White: Racism in America

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Michael Gungor and Science Mike talk with Propaganda and William Matthews about race, racism, white supremacy in America....

Bruce Epperly: God, Freedom, and the Fourth of July

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

An Open Letter From Millenial

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Faith and Aging

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Standing Against Islamophobia

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm


Standing for justice and against violence against Muslims...

Justice Training

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


UCC Justice Training and Ways to Support Justice in Your Community...

What the Bible Says About How to Treat Refugees

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

12 passages that discuss how Christians should treat immigrants, refugees and those in need of help, compiled by Jesse Carey, editor at RELEVANT...

The False Gospel of Gender Binaries

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans discusses the evolving understanding of gender and sexuality and what it means for the Gospel....

The Slaveowners and Me: On Nurturing Empathy for Opressors

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans discusses the church's (specifically the Southern Baptist Church) complicity in oppression throughout history and today....

Sodom, Gomorrah, and those Transgender People

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Candice Czubernat

Exodus 23:9 Genesis 19

Candice Czubernat discusses gender identity and how Sodom and Gomorrah isn't actually about sexual or gender identity, but about radical hospitality....

Welcoming Children Into God's Creation

CHILDREN  |  This We Affirm


Ideas on how to engage children in God's Creation: 4 ideas...

Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


A Guide to Faith Leaders for Mental Health issues that may arise. ...

Liturgy: Intergenerational Ministry for Families/Pastors

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


Family Ministry and Liturgy for Intergenerational Ministry...

Harm & Healing; the church & the LGBTQ community

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Candice Czubernat

From candiceczubernat.com:

"We cannot ignore the impact the church has had on those in the LGBTQ community; the harm done has been grievous.  In this newest episode of The CanCast I talk about my personal experience of unsuccessfully trying to find a church to attend with my wife and our kids on Easter.  But we don’t end there, I then talk with Colby Martin who’s working to make church safe for everyone.  He co-pastors a progressive faith community in San Diego (Sojourn Grace Collective) with his wife.  They practice a relentless love for the spiritual seeker; and his newest book (UnClobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality) invites the LGBTQ community to their rightful place at the Table of God. You can follow him online at www.colby...

Transgender Christians

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans spotlights 5 transgender Christian leaders....

Gay & Christian, No Contradiction

OTHER RESOURCES  |  BrandanRobertson

Acts 10

A concise guide on reconciling Christian faith and LGBT+ sexuality and gender identity from leading queer activist and theologian Brandan Robertson....

Great Grief


1 John 4:18

ustin Channing Brown discusses the the relationship of fear and punishment....

Homosexuality and Christianity: Justin's View


Justin Lee, from the Gay Christian Network, gives an essay on why he believes committed same-gendered relationships are not sinful....

The Church is Responsible for This

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Candice Czubernat discusses the repercussions of the lack of affirming church institutions on the LGBTQ community....

A Christmas Story of Sorts

OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

Lang tells his story.  A story of family, acceptance, and forgiveness....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr discusses what solidarity meant for St. Francis, an early example of working with those in poverty....

Jesus and Borders


Luke 17

From abetterstorypodcast.com:

"We love to construct borders, stand on one side of them, and generalize about the people on the other side. Jesus? Not so much. One short story can realign the way we see borders."...

Get Off the Fence: Why "We Welcome Everyone" Isn't Enough

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

In the wake of the 2016 Orlando Pulse shooting, Erin Wathen discusses the importance of quiet affirming churches to fully embrace an open and affirming position....

God Made Adam, Eve, and Steve

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Leviticus 20:13 1 Corinthians 6:9 1 Timothy 1:10 Romans 1:27

Matthew Distefano, from Unfundamentalist Christians, discusses the importance of reading the Bible in context, to really understand what it says, and doesn't say, about homosexual relationships....

8 Conversation Deflections and Responses


From austinchanning.com:

"Leading conversations about race is not for the faint of heart. After years of facilitating discussions with intimate groups and large classrooms, I have learned a great deal. In this printable you will find common verbiage used by folks who are feeling uncomfortable, and ways you can respond to keep the conversation on track."...

5 Opportunities to Deepen Cross-Racial Friendships


From austinchanning.com:

"Friendship is beautiful. Cross-racial friendships can be complicated. If you are just beginning to intentionally seek out friendships that expand your understanding of the world, here are a few tips."...

Same Sex Love and the Bible


Genesis 19 1 Corinthians 6:9 1 Corinthians 6:10 Romans 1:26 Romans 1:27 1 Timothy 1:10

Sam Altis looks at Scripture and explains that it doesn't call for the exclusion of same sex relationships.

From abetterstorypodcast.com:

"When we look at the stories in scripture, and the way they move, we realize our LGBTQ friends have always belonged. Have questions or comments? Send them to abetterstorypodcast@gmail.com or via Twitter or Facebook...

How White People Gather to Undermine White Supremacy

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Rebecca Todd Peters on the To Do Justice blog discusses the importance of white people understanding their racial privilege and what our responsibility is because of it....

Why Don't You Believe Us?

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Grace Sandra shares some thoughts about fear and intersectionality and the validity of both....

A Beloved Former Pastor Retracted His Support of Same-Sex Marriage. It Will Harm LGBTQ People More Than He May Know.

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew Vines discusses the pain that LGBT people may feel in light of a prominent pastor retracting his affirmation of LGBT people....

A Brief Biblical Case for LGBT Inclusion

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

The Reformation Project gives a ten point guide for the inclusion of LGBT people in the Kingdom of God....

Nicole Garcia Keynote Address at The Reformation Project

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Nicole Garcia discusses her worthiness of baptism, as a transgender woman of color....

Ending the Teaching of Contempt against the Church's Sexual Minorities

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Jeremiah 1

Dr. David Gushee preaches about loving and including LGBT people in the Kingdom of God....

Romans 1:24-27

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Romans 1:24 Romans 1:25 Romans 1:26 Romans 1:27

Dr. James Brownson, professor of New Testament and author of "Bible, Gender, Sexuality," delivers a guest lecture on Romans 1:24-27. From The Reformation Project's inaugural leadership training conference at Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village, Kansas on September 20, 2013.

Part two found here: https://youtu.be/9kONByDAXko...

Hate Crimes Vs. America


Rev. Otis Moss III discusses the importance of speaking up against hate crimes....

You're Hurting Me with Your Bible

OTHER RESOURCES  |  David Gushee

Dr. David Gushee explains his new understanding on the inclusion of LGBT people in the Kingdom of God....

Inclusion Episode 1: Hookers, Looters and Cheats

COMMENTARY  |  Darkwood Brew

Episode one of a series that looks at the most extreme outcasts in the Gospels in order to explore the question: If Jesus treated “X,Y, and Z persons” this way, then how can we treat “A, B, and C persons” with less respect than Jesus did these others?

Why Christians Shouldn't Point Fingers


Justin Lee discusses the importance of loving as Christ loves.  In the wake of the Pulse shooting, not sympathizing with LGBTQ people and blaming Muslim people at the same time....

God does not change, but our understanding does

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Church leaders discuss the evolution of human understanding of Scripture, particularly around the topic of LGBTQ people and slavery....

Too Many Churches, Not Enough Christians

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Buzz Dixon discusses the need for Christians to return to the Church (capital C) and leave church behind....

For the Invisible People

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

John 4

Darrell Lackey discusses how some traditional/evangelical Christians can harm those they disagree with by making them feel invisible....

Middle Ground Racism

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses racism in American Christianity and the danger of staying quiet for fear of speaking out....

The Truth about what I Think about Individual Conservative Christians

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses how she engages with American Conservative Christians, despite their polarizing differences in theology....

I Don't Want to be an American Christian, I Just Want to Follow Jesus

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses her difficulty identifying with Christianity, while also wanting to follow the ways of Jesus....

No, We Should Not Stop Speaking Out against the Ideology of Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses the need for Christians to stand up to injustice and oppression....

Franklin Graham is Right, There is Sin in the Homosexual Lifestyle

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Kimberley Knight discusses the definition of sin as what "separates us from God."...

Wounds and Wells: A Sermon on the Samaritan Woman

SERMONS  |  Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia Bolz Weber discusses our wounds, and healing through the Living Water of Christ....

No Offense: Hating Black History Month

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Maria Dixon Hall discusses the American church and their inability to fully engage in the conversation around race....

Dear Resistance

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses the importance of speaking for and living out Red Letter Love....

Dismantling Toxic Masculinity in Our Boys

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Cindy Brandt discusses the importance of raising boys to not accept damaging power dynamics....

Can You Be Gay and Christian

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew Vines, author of God and The Gay Christian, and Dr. Michael Brown, leading evangelical apologist, debate the topic of being gay and a Christian....

Building the Beloved Community

SERMONS  |  Otis Moss III

Rev. Otis Moss III preaches on race and Christianity and the revolution of creating a community that loves those on the margins....

The Storm of White Supremacy

SERMONS  |  Nadia Bolz-Weber

Pastor Nadia Bolz Weber preaches about the violence in Charlottesville, VA, white supremacy, and the history of racism in our nation, as well as the role of Christianity....

A Response to Charlottesville

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Pastor Kate reflects on recent events in Charlottesville and asks us to consider becoming more hospitable people....

Equality Isn't Fair

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Natalie Ringsmuth discusses the differences between fairness and equality, and calls us to stand up and speak out against injustice....

March Gladness 2016

SERMONS  |  Otis Moss III

Psalm 139:1 Psalm 139:2 Psalm 139:3 Psalm 139:4 Psalm 139:5 Psalm 139:6 Psalm 139:7 Psalm 139:8 Psalm 139:9 Psalm 139:10 Psalm 139:11 Psalm 139:12 Psalm 139:13 Psalm 139:14

Rev. Otis Moss III preaches about the love that God has for Black people, His very own beautiful creation. ...

When the Verdict Hurts

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Mark 15:21

Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley preaches in the wake of learning about the lack of conviction for George Zimmerman's....

Yolanda Norton: Reading the Bible as a Black Woman


From abetterstorypodcast.com:

"Yolanda Norton (San Francisco Theological Seminary) explains Womanism and shows how reading Ruth as a black woman illuminates the story in unexpected and much needed ways. "...

Turning Cheeks and Punching Nazis


From abetterstorypodcast.com:

"Turn the other cheek" has been used to perpetuate oppression for years, but when we look at what Jesus was trying to do, we find a radically empowering statement. "

Why I Stopped Talking About Racial Reconciliation And Started Talking About White Supremacy

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Erna discusses theology, history, comfort, and privilege and how they all relate to white supremacy....

Washing Hearts, Not Hands

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

From sojourngrace.org:

"The surprising ways in which stories from the Gospels can still offer wisdom and insight today—especially as it relates to the events during/after #Charlottesville. Join Co-Pastors Colby and Kate Martin as they lead us through a service of Biblical interpretation, prayerful reflection, and a challenge to embody greater love."...

Blessed are the Peacemakers - a Message for the Resistance

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew 5:5 Matthew 5:9 Matthew 5:44

Shane Phipps discusses the Beatitudes and how they apply to our current social climate....

How to Preach When You Are Afraid

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Leah Schade discusses why pastors choose not to preach about controversial topics, and gives ways to move past that fear....

If We Don't Want to See Another Charlottesville - Silence is Not an Option

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl responds to the Charlottesville tragedy and how our responsibility as Christians is to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters that are marginalized....

Christians United In Support of LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church: The Statement

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

A response to the Nashville Statement from pastors and lay people all over the country....

The Denver Statement

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Nadia Bolz-Weber

House For All Sinners and Saints pens a response to The Nashville Statement....

Hear Our Prayer

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

From The Brilliance: 

"This week on The Brilliance Podcast we go behind the song Hear Our Prayer, track 6 on our upcoming album All Is Not Lost.  Special guests Science Mike and Michael Rudzena discuss systems theory, Walter Wink's concept of the powers, calling out and naming systems of fear and oppression, and moving towards love."

Turning Over Tables

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

From The Brilliance:

"This week on The Brilliance Podcast we debut the song Turning Over Tables featuring Charles Jones. We speak with Jon Huckins about peacemaking, immigrants, Islamophobia, Jihad, Pope Francis and engaging with people that we adamantly disagree with."

Whose Feet?

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

John 2 Matthew 14

Darrell Lackey discusses those that Jesus loved and what that means for who we are to love as followers of Christ....

Heart Transplant: A Sermon About Compassion When We Least Deserve It

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Matthew 14

Rev. Reagan Humber preaches about compassion and what it was to Jesus and is to us.  ...



Rob Bell responds to the Pulse nightclub shooting.  He tackles loving our LGBTQ+ brothers and sister, gun control, and grief....

What if the Great Command of Jesus - Love Others - was Actually the Point

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses the need for love without motive....

Gays, Christians, and Therapy

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Candice Czubernat

Candice Czubernat discusses the purpose and beauty of therapy, and specifically what therapy for a gay person might look like....

Beyonce, LEMONADE, and Womanist Theology

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

A post discussing early Womanist theology and what is present in Beyonce's LEMONADE....


OTHER RESOURCES  |  Candice Czubernat

Candice Czubernat discusses God's love for us, as complete and without qualifications....

Shouting at Jesus: The Canaanite Woman

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Maria Gwynn McDowell discusses the Canaanite woman's example of a persistent faith.  One that understands that God is for EVERYONE, and how we can learn from her....

Reflections in the Wake of the Nashville Statement

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Romans 8:38 Romans 8:39

David Archuleta, of the Gay Christian Network, discusses trusting God, and not our own understandings....

How Our Theology Keeps Us Racist

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

We are asked to dive into the parts of our theology, current and historically, to understand where systemic oppression is present and where we allow it to continue....

Why Some Christians Are Calling White Supremacy ‘Satanic’

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

An article featuring leading evangelical church leaders' thoughts on white supremacy, following the events in Charlottesville in August 2017....

A Statement from Christian Ethicists Without Borders on White Supremacy and Racism August 14, 2017

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

A document created by more than 400 Christian ethicists condemning white supremacy and racism....

Gradual Overcoming of Racism, Even in Jesus

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Richard Rohr

Isaiah 56:1 Isaiah 56:6 Isaiah 56:7 Romans 11:13 Romans 11:14 Romans 11:15 Romans 11:29 Romans 11:30 Romans 11:31 Romans 11:32 Matthew 15:21 Matthew 15:22 Matthew 15:23 Matthew 15:24 Matthew 15:25 Matthew 15:26 Matthew 15:27 Matthew 15:28

A homily by Fr. Richard Rohr.
He speaks of the growth of a person moving from self-care, to group care, to universal care....

A Matter of Interpretation

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Candice Czubernat

Matthew 19:24 Mark 10:25 Luke 18:25

Candice Czubernat discusses different interpretations of three verses.
Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. – Matt. 19:24
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. – Mark 10:25
Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. – Luke 18:25...

Age of Understanding


Austin Brown reflects after the death of Alton Sterling....

The Twisted Cross: The Deadly Theology of White Supremacy

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Shane Claiborne discusses the dangers of bad theology and the misuse of the imagery of the Cross....

To My Conservative Christian Friends

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Sheri Faye Rosendahl discusses what it means to be "pro-life."...

How Latin American Liberations Theologians Restore the "Good" in the Good News

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

From sojourngrace.com:

"Drawing from the work of Latin American Liberation Theologians, we explore how suffering (as a result of oppression) is the result of poverty, and therefore poverty is an evil force to be opposed."


A Post-Modern Reading of Paul's Letter to the Romans

COMMENTARY  |  Herman Waetjen


An essay that summarizes a subjective and objective reading of Paul's Letter to the Romans.  It combines a hermeneutics of disclosure with the hermeneutics of the correspondence theory of truth....

Michelle Higgins, John Inazu, Greg Thompson: Race and Pluralism

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

This is the Q&A talkback featuring Michelle Higgins, John Inazu, and Greg Thompson on Race and Pluralism. This was recorded at Q Denver, April 21-23, 2016....

Gathering Those Driven Away: A Theology of Incarnation (Book Excerpt)

COMMENTARY  |  San Francisco Theological Seminary

Micah 4:6

This book is a powerful expression of Jesus Christ given in the midst of the brokenness and hostilities of this world, as experienced by those who are marginalized and persecuted in contemporary society. Drawing on broader sources in the Christian tradition, Farley maintains the power of Jesus of Nazareth as the expression of the Divine Eros in Wisdom, to break powers of sin, and provide a vision of life, which is an alternative Empire to present ways and where love reigns as norm.

Considered a leading theologian, Wendy Farley has written extensively on women theologians and mystics, religious dialogue, classical texts, contemporary ethical issues, and contemplative practices.P Farley received her Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University and now teaches at San Francisco Theological Seminary....

Worship Series: The Outsiders

WORSHIP  |  Marcia McFee

This series explores scriptures that tell the story of Jesus' relationship with those on the so-called "outside." What can we learn and how can we respond to Jesus' call to turn the inside out and the outside in? This series can be adapted for anytime of year and is compatible with Affirmation #5, Inclusion....

David and Constantino Khalaf: Modern Kinship

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

David and Constantine Khalaf are in a loving, Jesus-following, same-sex relationship, which unfortunately means they’re not welcome in every church. As writers and journalists, they’ve begun documenting their relationship as a resource for faith communities and LGBTQ Christians. We talked about their lives, faith, church experiences and, of course, the infamous Nashville Statement, all in hopes that their story helps ground our beliefs in the actual experiences of actual people. You can read their blog at https://daveandtino.com and find them on Patheos at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/modernkinshipAs always, don't forget to check out Light Theory’s music at https://joehamgeri.bandcamp.com/...

Converging Paths Interview with Ashley Swartz


Eric Elnes interviews Ashley Schwartz, a farmer, grandmother, volunteer firefighter, a Christian, and transgender activist who made her gender transition twenty years ago while continuing to live and farm in her hometown of Malmo, Nebraska. Ashley credits her transition as instrumental in bringing her into closer relationship with God and her community.  In this interview, Ashley shares intimately about her path and the "God experiences" that continue to shape it....

Converging Paths Interview with Floyd Thompkins


Eric Elnes interview's San Francisco Theological Seminary's  Director of the Center for Innovation in Ministry, Rev. Floyd Thompkins, about "God experiences" that have shaped his personal and professional life.   Floyd has served as a dean and chaplain at two world-class institutions, Stanford and Princeton universities. There he developed unique, highly effective programs to empower underserved teenage youth and young adults in urban and rural areas. He also led Antioch Baptist Church, the oldest African American Church in San Jose, CA, and was the Education and Administrative Pastor of Covenant Christian Church in Douglas, GA....

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