Celebrating God's glory in all of Creation

God’s glory is everywhere: in the sacred and secular, in every form of life, in that which bears the label “Christian” and in that which does not. To live fully into this reality involves caring for the earth and its ecosystems. Environmental concerns are inherently spiritual concerns. When we live in ways that abuse the planet and its inhabitants, we act as though God’s glory is not infused in each part of it. As Wendell Berry said, “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” 
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Pulpit Fiction Podcast

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Convergence Network

Pulpit Fiction Podcast: Lectionary Podcast for Preachers, Seekers and Bible Geeks

Robb and Eric met in class at Eden Theological Seminary, got to know each other while playing volleyball on Eden's church league team, and became friends after the games over pizza, wings, beer, and Police Trainer at Smugala's.  

Robb and Sarah and Eric and Nina spent almost every weekend together while they were in seminary, and are still able to get together every once in awhile.  This picture was taken over Thanksgiving weekend, 2013.  They share a common passion for justice, mercy, and an abiding love for Jesus.  They also a share a love for good scotch, the Bears (we won't talk about baseball), Anchorman, The Office, and Star Wars.

Commentary on John 4:5-42

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren

John 4 represents the founding narrative for the presence of a considerable number of Samaritans in the Johannine community....

Church Health: Butch Odom

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Matthew 4:3-4

Church Health by Butch Odom
Panoramic Views of Faith and Health

Blog on Faith and Health
website now: https://churchhealth.org/church-health-daily-devotionals/
Received original blog from http://www.textweek.com/ ...


COMMENTARY  |  Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer Five Habits of the Heart

Philosophy and Worship by James K. A. Smith

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm

Litanies and Prayers- Ken Sehested

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Ezekiel 37:1-14

The Relational Body

COMMENTARY  |  Søren Lorenzen

Isaiah 40 - 66

This resource is a short analysis on the concept of name in Isa 40-66. It reveals how human beings universally are called by name, given an ultimate narrative and is deemed honorable by sheer existence. Further, it illuminates how human beings are intersubjectively connected and are responsible for each other in our differing proximate contexts....

The Worst Resurrection Story

SERMONS  |  Sam Altis

John 21:1-14


The Resurrection Story can be told in many ways. ...

Breathed to Breathe

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

John 20:19-25


You are loved by God, animated by the very breath of God to carry you through, so that you may breathe life into people and situations where death threatens in myriad forms. 

Interdependence Day Independence Day

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Deuteronomy 10:17-21; Psalm 145; Hebrews 11:8-16; Matthew 5:43-48


Interdependence Day and Independence Day

Independence Day, let’s also think of it as “Interdependence Day”; a day when we celebrate not only being free from unjust rule but also a day when we commit ourselves anew to extending liberty and justice to everyone who seeks it, without partiality.

Sustaining Hope in the Face of Climate Change

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


Climate Change Video with three different Protestant Churches...

Blessing When the World is Ending

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


Artwork By Painted Prayers Jan Richardson
Beautiful artwork and creative ideas for ministry...

Blessings For Getting The News ArtWork

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


Artwork and Poetry "Grace In The Dark"
When we get news from someone, death or other, this artwork touches a sweet place for the heart. Jan Richardson- poem as well. ...


SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Psalm 10


A teaching guide and Resource on violence that had happened in France
Great Questions and How to discuss the Violence. ...

Salt and Light: Living a Faithful Life Podcast

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Mathew 5: 13-20



We take a look at a popular passage that calls for Christians to be “salt and light” in the world. What can we learn about living a faithful life by looking more closely at the nature and use of both salt and light?


An Easter Acclamation: Cosmic and Evolutionary

WORSHIP  |  Chris Neufeld-Erdman

After searching for an opening Easter Acclamation that's progressive and cosmic in nature, and finding nothing that went where I'd like to take the congregation on Easter, I decided I'd just have to write one.  

So, here's an acclamation/invocation that draws on themes found in the high Christology of Saint Paul (Colossians) and well as the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas; it's also drawn from the medieval mystics Meister Eckhart and Hildegard von Bingen, and the modern evolutionary theologians, Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry.  I also hope it has some of the poetic flare of that great earth mystic, Saint John (Muir) of the Mountains.  

A Liturgical Drama of Praise for Pentecost: Gods Gift of Life

CHILDREN  |  This We Affirm


Pentecost: God's Gift of Life

Liturgical Scripts to use for Children - a wonderful creative script for a service with kids! ...

Podcast: Interfaith: Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Christopher Columbus

COMMENTARY  |  Brian McLaren


A Podcast on Interfaith dialogue...

Ascension: Why are you Gazing at the Sky

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Acts 1:9-11, Daniel 7:13-14


Ascension: Gazing at the Sky and finding Jesus...


SERMONS  |  Rev. Adam J Bradley

Luke 20: 27-38

This sermon addresses the text in Luke when the Sadducees engage Jesus in a philosophical argument about the existence of an afterlife, using the case study of the childless widow of seven brothers. It addresses what it means for our understanding of heaven in light of what Jesus has to say. This sermon asks the question, "What does it mean to pray 'On Earth as it is in Heaven'?  ...

Comparalized: How You Feel About Others

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

John 21: 18-22, I Peter 4: 12-16,


Pete Shaw of Crosswalk Church in Napa looks at how easy, and unhelpful, it is to compare ourselves to others....

An Open Letter From Millenial

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Faith and Aging

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm

Prayer to End Violence

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


Prayer in a time of turmoil to End Violence...

Retreats and Consulting

SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Gen 1:26-27


Women’s Retreats, but is also known for Church Vision retreats as well as past Youth retreats....

Standing Against Islamophobia

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm


Standing for justice and against violence against Muslims...

Justice Training

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


UCC Justice Training and Ways to Support Justice in Your Community...

Voices in Wartime

COMMENTARY  |  This We Affirm


Video about Poems for Peace and War...

God Weeps

SERMONS  |  This We Affirm

Luke 19: 41-44


Living on Prayer and How Peace makes a difference...

Compassion: Karen Armstrong and The Middle Way Podcast

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


Compassion Podcast on Interfaith Dialogue: Karen Armstrong...

Beautiful Gospel: Wheat not Tulip, Daisy, Roses

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

John 12:23-24


The Explanation of Acronyms: Theological Flowers and New Ideas


Welcoming Children Into God's Creation

CHILDREN  |  This We Affirm


Ideas on how to engage children in God's Creation: 4 ideas...

Public Faith in Action: Miroslav Volf

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Miroslav Volf


Podcasts: Pulpit Fiction sat down with Miroslav Volf over Skype to talk about Public Faith, Politics, Kingdom of God and his book, Public Faith in Action....

Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm


A Guide to Faith Leaders for Mental Health issues that may arise. ...

Liturgy: Intergenerational Ministry for Families/Pastors

WORSHIP  |  This We Affirm


Family Ministry and Liturgy for Intergenerational Ministry...

The Earth As The Temple of God | Workbook

SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Genesis 1, Genesis 2

Every great play has a prologue, a scene that foreshadows what the audience can expect. So, too, with the Bible. "The Earth is God's Temple: a Study of Genesis 1-2" is less about exegesis and word study and other traditional Bible study tools, and more about looking at the big-picture narrative of Scripture foreshadowed in its first two chapters. The study draws heavily from the work of Dr. John Walton, author of The Lost World of Genesis One, who describes the creation stories as ancient temple-building narratives. "The Earth is God's Temple" explores not only the temple/priest theme, but also touches on how we humans can find life by eating of the tree of life, and not from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


Climate Change and Faith Curriculum

SMALL GROUPS  |  This We Affirm

Genesis 1:1

A curriculum to help people grow in their communities to care for the earth both personally and socially. These resources are for small group formation. 


Pale Blue Dot

OTHER RESOURCES  |  The Liturgists

From theluturgists.com:

"In this episode Science Mike and Michael Gungor talk about the psychological shift that comes with seeing the Earth from space with Guy Reid and Jacob Marshall. We also spoke with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe about the science behind climate change, and what we can do to protect life on this planet."...

Christians Must Take Climate Change Seriously

OTHER RESOURCES  |  This We Affirm

Shane Pruitt, for Relevant Magazine, discusses how our care for the environment is a pro-life issue and mandates our attention as Christians....

Creation Episode 1: On Earth as it is in Heaven

COMMENTARY  |  Darkwood Brew

Are we blessing the Earth or destroying it? Modern science and ancient Celtic Christianity both suggest a better way of being – exercising an ethic of stewardship, not dominion. Watch the first episode of “On Earth As it Is In Heaven,” a provocative seven-week Darkwood Brew series, produced in conjunction with the United Church of Christ’s Mission 4/1 Earth....

Darkwood Brew Subscriber Discount

OTHER RESOURCES  |  Darkwood Brew

Download this resource to access special Darkwood Brew content exclusively for This We Affirm subscribers....

3 Free Downloads from the Convergence Music Project

WORSHIP  |  Convergence Music Project

The Convergence Music Project offers great new worship music with language and theology that is totally in sync with This We Affirm. The songs on the site are indexed in many different ways to make it EASY for you to find the exact song you need for any specific moment in worship. 

As a subscriber, you can access 3 free songs and their related sheet music products. Checkout with this resource in your cart and you'll receive a code giving you access to your songs, which can be downloaded 
one song at a time from the Convergence Music Project. The code can be used up 3 times for 3 free downloads.


Converging Paths Interview with Tony Jones


Eric Elnes interviews author/speaker, provocateur, Tony Jones about "God experiences" that continue to shape is personal and professional life.  Tony is the author of a number of books including, Did God Kill Jesus?  Searching for Love in History’s Most Famous Execution, and The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life.   Tony is also Theologian-In-Residence at Solomon’s Porch in Minneapolis and teaches Theology at both Fuller and United Theological seminaries. In his “free time” Tony serves as  the senior acquisitions editor at Fortress Press, curating the Theology for the People line of books.  

On Earth As It Is In Heaven - a six sermon packet on faith and God's Creation

SERMONS  |  Eric Elnes

Genesis 1:1-5; Genesis 1:6-8; Genesis 1:9-13; Genesis 1:14-19; Genesis 1:20-23; Genesis 1:24-28

Drawing inspiration from John Philip Newell's, The Book of Creation: An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality, this 6-sermon resource packet by pastor/biblical scholar, Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D., explores faith and Creation through a Celtic lens informed by Dr. Elnes' biblical scholarship on the book of Genesis.  These sermons celebrate "the God whose Spirit pervades and whose glory is reflected in all of God’s Creation, including the earth and its ecosystems, the sacred and secular, the Christian and non-Christian, the human and non-human" (Phoenix Affirmation 3).  Also available (at additional cost) is a complete small group video resource keyed to these sermons produced by Darkwood Brew which is available in DVD and internet streaming formats (https://darkwoodbrew.org/product/on-earth-series-guided-episodes/). 

Sermons include: (1) The Generosity of God; (2...

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